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Once upon a time in Lynchburg, Dennis Johnson was a member of the Delta Blues team of “Proffit and Johnson” and then a jazz duo of “Jump Street”. They entertained the Central Virginia area amazing audiences and began expanding on their fanbase with their authenticity while staying to a traditional blues sound. The crowds were captivated and drawn into the proverbial web.

After a very successsful run. Deanie decided to fill in the faps of the modern R&B sound inspired by traditional blues. He believed the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.. and so the quest began.

It’s not easy to find pieces to a dream you haven’t quite figured out yet. However the first try was a three piece group that did pretty well for themselves. They performed in venues in the Blue Ridge area and even won the Sedalia Blues competition.

Deanie’s dream was about to take form and slowly be on the way to coming true. He soon hooked up with a Rock and Roll guitarist by the name of Gregg Yeager, a former member of the infamous “King Snakes”. This would prove to be a perfect match. A fit that could only be rivalled by that of a soft pair of custom Italian leather boots.

A new member was needed to replace the drive of the band’s original drummer. Deanie dug deep into his archives to find a musician from his past, James “Cub” Mosby, who provided the necessary strong drive and finesse. The Deanie Blues band had arrived or so we thought…..

A year or two passed and then along came Rick Hill, a veteran to the music industry for 30 years or more with some well known groups. This was an addition that was full of unexpected pleasures. Rick’s awkward latin rhythms and jazz rock solos added an interesting touch to an already talented conglomerate of Blues and Jazz.. .

As luck would have it, a need for an exuberant bass player came to pass. Deanie stumbled across a former member who came back to the group Jay Hall.

Together the Deanie Blues sound hit new depths of Blues we have been waiting for….

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